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Ayabie fans community
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Welcome to Honey flavor, a community dedicated to the Japanese indies band –ayabie- 彩冷える and named after the song that was released on Ecumenical mini album. We hope you will enjoy the community, also please read community rules before joining. If you search for some basic information about the band, please check posts with THIS tag.

_______&; members

members (from left to right): Takehito (Gu), Intetsu (Ba), Aoi (Vo), Kenzo (Dr), Yumehito (Gu)

Members translated profiles can be found HERE
Members' band history can be found in THIS post.
The scans and screen caps directory can be found HERE.
Translations directory can be found HERE.

_______&; the band
Ayabie is an indies band currently signed to Speed disk label. It was formed in the beginning of 2004 by Aoi (former vocalist of MASK), Ryouhei, Takehito and Intetsu (all former Hinawana). 8th May can be regarded as the band's 'start' date - they held their first live and also released their first two singles on that day.
Initially, the band used 彩冷える as their official name. However, after drummer Kenzo joined in September 2005, it was changed to アヤビエ (although the pronunciation remains the same).
2006 was a year of many changes. In June, Ayabie traveled to Europe and performed oversea for the first time. At the end of the same month, it was announced that Ryohei (the guitarist, band leader and main composer) will be leaving the band (he later formed the band Megamasso). Despite this, Ayabie decided to continue.
In November, the band released their second full album and changed their name once again, this time to –ayabie- 彩冷える. Shortly after, their at-that-time support guitarist Yumehito (ex-Soroban) became an official member and Ayabie is again a 5-man band.
Right now they seems to be going strong with new releases planned and their CDs being sold in Europe.

For their full biography check THIS POST
Their full discography post can be found HERE.

_______&; the rules
① All kinds of information and media are allowed as long as it is connected with Ayabie or any of its members. News, live reports, scans, translations, romaji, fanarts, graphics and even fanfiction, it is all in. Anything connected with Ayabie-era Ryouhei is also allowed, however if you have any news/photos/media connected with his current activities and a new band, please post it in Megamasso community.
② Sharing graphics is love, but please observe following rules:
- if you are going to make a new post in community and you are not linking to other journal please only post Ayabie graphics, same apply to sales post. Of course if you link to other LJ it is all good, just don’t forget to mention what exactly you are selling or how many icons/wallpapers you made (please, also keep in mind that we set 5 icons as minimum of icons you can post when making icon post).
- while linking to other journals remember about posting only Ayabie graphics as a teaser. Also, please never disable comments, even if you are linking to other LJ.
- linking to locked graphic LJ/community isn't allowed. The way we see it it is not graphics sharing, it is advertising.
③ Both music and videos posts and requests are ok! Just don’t forget to friends lock them! For requests you can always go to discography post, and I Myouu will gladly upload what you are searching for. Also please read this post before making any comments to password protected uploads.
④ Advertising is ok as long as you want to advertise your Ayabie fansite, fanlisting etc. This and only this. NO RP communities advertising please.
⑤ For longer post, scans/caps posts don’t forget to use lj-cut.
⑥ No spamming, sticky caps etc. Also don’t forget about the edit option that gives LJ, there is no need to make million post per day when you can always edit what you have posted just hour ago.
⑦ Intro posts are welcome, but not necessary. However if you decided to make one tell us more than ‘ I love Ayabie’.
⑧ Don’t forget to be nice to other members. If you're nice to everyone, then everyone will be nice to you. Also no bashing of the band and its members.
⑨ If you have any questions, ideas etc feel free to contact the mods.
⑩ Posting fanfiction is allowed, however we ask you to keep those entries friends locked. We don't want any unnecessary drama.
⑪ Also we decided that when it comes to birthday posts we'll make one post where everyone can post their birthday wishes. If anyone makes a post on birthdays before us mods we'll just make that post the 'official' birthday post.
⑫ If you share scans, please post them directly in this community (no fake cuts!) and try to upload them on sites like imageshack and not your private photobucket account etc., it really helps us with maintaining scans directory.

_______&; links
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more links can be found HERE. For fanmail address check THIS post.

_______&; support Ayabie
Few places where you can buy Ayabie's CDs:
Third stage
CD Japan

_______&; contact
Please if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, links, corrections or if you want to affiliate contact one of mods, either Myouu / icelelehuia or Pavla / _pavla_.
Myouu: her FO post, any of her posts or comments in this community.
Pavla: her FO post or her posts here in the community.

_______&; link to us
If you want to link to community, you can use following banner made by Lain.

_______&; credit
For the info: graphics and written by Myouu. None of the biography/discography related informations can't be taken without credit.
For the layout: graphics by Myouu. Picture comes from Speed disk official site.

Thank you for reading and we hope you all will enjoy the community and the band!